Due to Fuel Consumption Inspection Deficiency, MIIT Orders CAERI to Improve



At night of May 23, 2014, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute CO., LTD (hereafter referred to as CAERI) announced that the inspection center of the company was received improvement notification of Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology (hereafter referred to as MIIT). It points out the existed serious problem of oil cost test of inspection center, and notices to rebuild since June 1 2014 for 6 months. During rebuild period, MIIT will stop receive inspection report from CAERI.

Due to Fuel Consumption Inspection Deficiency, MIIT Orders CAERI to Improve

CAERI says that some management not good enough contributes the quality deficiency of the oil cost test, and exposure inner management problem of CAERI. Management of CAERI is sorry for the influence, and pay high attention on its inspection center improvement. The company will implement all the feedback of MIIT about the oil cost inspection, and take every single problem very serious. It will rebuild science, justice and honest inspection system, and improve quality control system, and strength lab management training and improve quality of inspection, and remain healthy development environment of inspection center of the CAERI. The improvement will influence some business of CAERI. The company will announce the improvement in time.

Stock of CAERI resumes trade on May 26 2014 after company application.

With increasing of oil price, fuel consumption economy becomes one of important factors when costumers choose a car. Therefore, some automobile companies take fuel saving as one of its main highlights. Dual gearbox and CVT etc terms are full of automobile sales. All the technology aim fuel economy.

MITT has published some regulation since year 2009. It requires all oil cost shall be tested by national authorized 3rd part organization. It incudes regulation of, which asks oil cost shall be marked in vehicles by city and suburb road imitation test. Compared with oil cost announced by automobile companies, the regulation will help supervision. CAERI monopoles the market because of government authorize. However, fuel consumption marking becomes a business because of supervisor deficiency.

Part of drivers do not very trust fuel consumption figure published by government for a long time. fuel consumption figures are widely questioned by insiders already. The 3.15 this year, government has exposures fuel consumption figures published by CAERI is not true, which makes CAERI in the middle of the storm.

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